Bringing You Freshness Since 1921!

For the last 100 years, Rutter’s Dairy has been bringing you farm fresh milk, tea, and so much more! Without the support of over 30 local area farms, we would not have the local, fresh ingredients our customers have grown to love. None of our cows are treated with rBST (artificial growth hormones).
Rutter’s offers a variety of sizes from gallons to single serve bottles.

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Rutter's Orange Juice Rutter's Lemonade Rutter's Egg Nog Rutter's 1747 Alkaline Water Rutter's 1747 Natural Spring Water Fox Ledge Distilled Water Rutter's Natural Spring Water
Rutter's Whole Milk Rutter's Low Fat Chocolate Milk Rutter's Non Fat Milk Rutter's Lowfat Milk Rutter's Reduced Fat Milk Rutter's Fortified Milk Rutter's Whole Chocolate Milk Rutter's Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk
Rutter's Classic Original Rutter's Sweet Tea Rutter's Tea Cooler Rutter's Southern Brew Rutter's Diet Southern Brew Rutter's Mint Green Tea Rutter's Green Tea Rutter's Diet Green Tea Rutter's Diet Decaf